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Uplifting the health and well-being of families affected by natural calamities in the Philippines through empowered, community-based healthcare.



A network of resilient communities with self-sustaining healthcare that prioritizes holistic well-being as a catalyst for sustainable economic progress.

Championing the cause of underserved Filipinos living in calamity zones

The Philippines stands out as a country prone to a wide range of natural disasters. With an annual average of 20 typhoons (hurricanes), alongside frequent monsoonal floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, it has more than its fair share of calamities. In fact, eight out of the top ten most hazardous areas globally are located within the Philippines. Unfortunately, due to limited financial resources and political influence, the communities we serve, predominantly inhabited by indigent families, face ongoing challenges in rebuilding basic medical, public health, and educational services.

Our Programs

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A community inspired by the Bayanihan Spirit

We are a diverse group of medical and non-medical practitioners bound by the ancient Filipino tradition known as "Bayanihan." Derived from the word "Bayani," meaning hero, the essence of the Bayanihan Spirit embodies the principles of mutual aid during times of adversity and holistic support for the community. This ethos revolves around the core values of generosity, compassion, and unity, fostering a profound sense of solidarity and social cohesion within the community. Consequently, our officers, staff, and volunteers demonstrate selflessness by wholeheartedly dedicating their time, skills, and resources without the expectation of any form of compensation.

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Making sure your generosity goes directly to the communities we serve

As custodians of donated funds, we maximize every dollar by minimizing administrative fees. Our dedicated officers and staff work pro-bono, primarily from home, resulting in minimal overhead expenses. This ensures that when you donate to our cause, nearly 100% of your contribution directly supports our programs in the Philippines, enabling us to make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Join us in transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in the Philippines. Your donation to HAND-Philippines enables us to provide sustainable healthcare, empowering those affected by calamities and catalyzing economic development and resiliency. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future. Donate now and be a part of this life-changing mission!

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