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Rekindling Hope and Healing: The Indomitable Spirit of HAND-Philippines in Times of Crisis

In the fall of 2013, amidst the destruction caused by a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake followed by Super Typhoon Haiyan, the heroic spirit of the Filipino people shone through. In the aftermath, courageous local doctors and nurses banded together to form medical humanitarian teams, extending free healthcare and relief aid to the desperate victims. From near and far, the Filipino diaspora generously extended their financial support to them, embodying the timeless essence of Bayanihan—a cherished Filipino tradition of selflessness and communal aid in times of crisis.


Inspired by this extraordinary display of unity and compassion, a group of physicians and nurses in Maine and California recognized the power of collective action and began rallying support, collecting donations to fuel the efforts of these indefatigable medical humanitarian teams. From this grassroots movement, HAND-Philippines was born, its soul firmly rooted in the spirit of community-driven healing.


Since our inception, our dedication has been to fortify public health and medical services in impoverished rural communities ravaged by natural disasters. Working hand in hand with local governments and civic organizations, our unwavering commitment has manifested in transformative medical missions, the restoration of damaged village health stations and school buildings, and the provision of vital medications and supplies. Beyond healthcare, our initiatives include nurturing young minds through early childhood education and addressing childhood malnutrition through school feeding programs. 


When the world was plunged into the disruptive grasp of the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating the cancelation of medical missions and repair/rehabilitation programs, we adapted our efforts to alleviate food scarcity by supporting community gardens, subsistence farmers, and fishermen. And when Super Typhoon Rai ravaged the country in December 2021 at the height of the pandemic, we provided crucial aid to affected communities through our strategic partners. 


May 2023 marked the revival of our medical mission programs. This was followed by rekindling our Adopt-A-Rural Health Unit Program, which supports underfunded village health stations. Moving forward, we plan to revitalize our early childhood education and feeding program, continue our repair projects for health stations damaged by Super Typhoon Rai, and include major elective surgeries for indigent patients in our medical missions.


In the communities we tirelessly serve, Filipino resilience runs deep. And yet, they need outside help. Our unwavering goal is to nurture projects that empower these communities to thrive independently in the long run. 


This is where even small but mighty donations make an enormous difference. Since none of our officers receive compensation, every dollar we raise goes directly to fund our programs. And through strategic local partnerships, we leverage our efforts, amplifying the positive change we bring.


Now, more than ever, we call upon your generosity and support. Join us on April 6, 2024, for our Spring Gala and be part of the spirit of communal unity and cooperation!

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